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New to Botulinum? We been using Botox since 1991.
Simply, experience. Now we want to introduce you to Dysport - you'll be pleasantly surprised how affordable and effective this option is!

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Botulinum Therapy

We offer reasonable rates, referral programs and discounts on pre-purchases. Gather your friends and enjoy the savings. Looking good has never been easier and affordable.


Removing excess skin and fat is an art form. After more than 12,000 facial procedures, Dr. Magauran is an artist. Smooth wrinkles, fill hollow areas, rejuvenate your appearance. Look as youthful and healthy as you feel, without changing you.


Medicine may be changing but at Oculoplastic, LLC, we believe in practicing medicine the old fashioned way, while offering the latest in surgical techniques, using the most advanced technology. This is at the heart of our core values.

Functional Eye lid Surgery

Rebuilding structure the way Nature intended it to be.

As we age, tissues can become lax. Sometimes eyelids droop, tear ducts can clog or bumps grow. For some of us, these conditions are inevitable. We see it coming, in our parents, siblings and peers, but when it happens to us, we don't have to accept it. For the most part, medical insurance covers these "eventualities". Our goal is to correct these conditions, and perhaps bend Mother Nature's original plan...

Chronic Tearing and Dry Eye

Two annoying problems that are often related

There are plenty of causes of tearing, but did you know the most common cause is dry eye? From Restasis to flaxseed, punctal plugs to endoscopic dacryocystorhinostomy, we can help understand what is happening and what can be done to solve these problems. We'll walk you through the decision tree to improve your dry eye problem or rebuild the tear duct system if you need it, so you can get on with life. We excel at this.

Cancer of the Eyelid

It can be devastating but there is help

The eyelids are not immune to skin cancers. Fortunately, most of the eyelid cancers we see are of the Basal Cell variety. Basal cell cancer spreads locally and once it is "out", it is gone. For everything but the small localized growths, we utilize the services of a Mohs surgeon to completely excise the cancer using serial microscopic analysis. As an oculoplastic surgeon, Dr. Magauran excels at post-Mohs reconstruction. Rebuilding eyelids sounds serious, and it is. For Dr. Magauran this is an incredibly rewarding task because at the end of the day, the outcomes are truly amazing. Sometimes we use skin muscle flaps, sometimes free skin grafts, sometimes we borrow from Peter to pay Paul. At the end of the day, it's is not just a tender touch and healthy respect for tissue, most of the credit goes to the eyelids themselves - they are incredible structures at regenerating!